Use sausage cases

I taught myself how to make sausage at home. The process is incredibly easy as soon as you have the right equipment. One of the most important decisions that you have to make when producing sausage is how the end product is saved.

If you produce a Bulk sausage like a typical American breakfast sausage casing, you can keep the end product directly in vacuum -sealed bags. If you either create link or cablewurst (Polish, Italian or bratwurst), you must use a housing.

There are three types of sausage sleeves that are easily available. Of course, collagen and fibrous. Fiber sleeves are made from plant fibers and usually colored dark red. This is the type of housing that you would use in the production of a product with a large diameter such as summer sausage. In general, fibrous housing are inedible and must be removed from the sausage before consumption.

Collagen housing are a synthetic product from the collagen that has been extracted from animal hooves. This type of housing is desirable because it is stable without cooling, which means that many sporting goods transactions wear it as part of their regular inventory. This type of housing is not only available, but also from the package without rinsing or rinsing from the package. Since it is a produced product, it is also very consistent and consistent from pack to pack.

Natural houses are actually the small intestine of a pig. Before packaging, the intestine is cut into two foot sections and quickly rinsed with water. The sections are then packed in salt and then packed for sale.

Natural houses are far the most difficult to use. It is difficult to find natural housings for sale, and if you do this, this will be in a small local grocery store. As soon as you have you home, you would like to soak them in water for an hour to remove the salt. After that, they have to be dismantled and rinsed inwards to ensure that they are perfectly clean before they are filled with sausage.

The advantage of natural housings is that it is extremely simple to form compounds. If you simply equip yourself with natural skins, you can form very beautiful links that hold. This differs from sausages with collagen covers in which the connections often have to be bound. Another great advantage of natural home is that they naturally bend while filling. While the shape of the sausage does not affect the final taste, it is nice to be able to make spirals of the sausage. The final benefit of natural skins is that they snap while cooking. Sometimes collagen housing become tough, especially when they are overcooked.

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